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Get Your Grub On
It will be time to start making those grub control applications before you know it.  Most of you are probably thinking about it already.  I’ve had several people ask me about recommended rates of imidacloprid because they read or heard about Bayer’s BMP for grub control.
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Spring Inventory
Due to the ‘long, cold, windy, extreme amounts of snow, and just miserable’ conditions this winter, all landscape operators need to be aware of what could await them in the landscapes.
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close-up of black carpenter ants Perimeter Insect Control
Lawn care operators can increase their bottom line by adding this very profitable additional service! I know that we are all still waiting for spring weather to arrive, but we are not the only ones. As the temperature increases, insects will become more active and will look to find a way into your customer’s homes. […]
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close-up of grass in the spring time Spring Recovery Program
The way the winter has gone, some of us are bound to see at least some turf not green up as the temperatures rise this spring. Whether the cause is prolonged ice cover resulting in lack of oxygen, desiccation, low-temperature kill, crown hydration, or snow mold damage, you may have to shift into recovery mode […]
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This Rtf Lawn Continued New Growth Even Under The Snow
In the fall of 2012 a friend in Columbus, Ohio renovated his lawn, stripped it, new topsoil, and new seeding. He chose Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF), a tall fescue that produces a creeping stem or runner (rhizome) that extends outward from the main plant underground. This rhizome will send a shoot up to the soil […]
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A Couple Thoughts On Dollar Spot
I think most turf managers will agree dollar spot is one of the most persnickety diseases we face in this part of the country.  Most years, a couple of stout, early fungicide applications combined with spring aerification and fertilization help reduce the impact and severity of dollar spot.  As the heat and dry weather of […]
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