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Plan Now to Prevent Next Season’s Headaches

October 30, 2018 | Categories: ,
Today's Preparation..Tomorrow's Success

The season will be coming to a close for many, and this may make you feel anxious to put the events of the season behind you. But while you may like to take this time to unwind, now is the best time to evaluate this year’s problems and search for solutions to prevent them from happening next year. Use this guide of what to plan now to avoid next season’s headaches.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Each spring before your summer help starts, the turf is surging with growth just in time for the application of crabgrass pre-emergent with fertilizer. Quick-release nitrogen compounds the problem of vigorous growth with excessive clumping. Spending a few extra pennies on a slow-release nitrogen form such as Meth-Ex or Duration will give you more consistent growth. Another option is to eliminate the fertilizer aspect by going with a sprayable. Dow’s Dimension 2EW or ArmorTech Kade 65 WDG is perfect for this application.

Anthracnose or Patch Diseases

Did you battle anthracnose or patch diseases this year more than other years? While there could have been many causes, one way to help is to introduce different application methods to your current chemistries. Immediately watering in your spring DMI application can make a drastic difference, or you could insert a new chemistry altogether such as Amvac’s Premion with PCNB and tebuconazole. Recent research done on PCNB showed it produced excellent results on newly-formed anthracnose. 

Proper Soil Moisture

Whether soil moisture is too wet or too dry, the goal is to get it just right. Evaluating the many types of wetting agents to match your soil profile’s characteristics can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to get the best result. Each wetting agent has its strengths and weaknesses. Using the same product you have always used doesn’t mean that it’s the right one for your property, particularly if you have the same issues arising repeatedly. 

One wetting agent to try is Precision Laboratories’ Vivax Granular, especially if you have troublesome areas that require many man-hours to maintain such as bunker fingers, floral landscapes, or LDS on collars. This granular wetting agent is extremely versatile and can make a huge difference in retaining the moisture where you need it.

Plant Growth Regulators

If used wisely, plant growth regulators can make your season go more smoothly. Many times, these are affected by the Growing Degree Days (GDD). Monitoring the GDD and adjusting your frequency accordingly can drastically improve their effectiveness. Try using them in ways you haven’t before, such as spraying them in string-trimmed areas to reduce the needed frequency or applying them to green and tee surrounds to help deal with growth surges. This can help during the shoulder seasons when seasonal help is in short supply. Each chemistry of growth regulator has a purpose, so make sure the one you are using is best for the result you desire.

Equipment Maintenance

Sometimes the most straightforward fixes are the most important. Has it been 2, 5, or even ten years since you calibrated or evaluated your sprayer’s performance? Even letting one season go by without changing the nozzles and nozzle gaskets or adjusting the boom valves can drastically diminish your product’s performance. Always make sure your speed, psi, boom height, carrier volume, and nozzle caps are appropriate for the type of nozzles you are using. If only half of your product reaches its target, then expect only to have half of the effect you are looking for. Advanced Turf Solutions carries nozzles from Greenleaf Technologies and TeeJet Technologies to fit a wide variety of tasks.

The issues you have had are likely to happen again unless something is done differently. Make next season a little easier on yourself by contacting your ATS rep today!

Matt Welch
Sales Representative