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Blog Lawn & Landscape
Eliminate Tough Weeds With Dismiss NXT

Yellow nutsedge and green kyllinga are some of the most difficult weeds lawn care operators can…

Blog Golf Course
Fight Grubs and ABW With Tetrino

There are many insecticides on the market, but for superintendents seeking to preventatively or curatively control…

Blog Lawn & Landscape
Traffic Damage on Lawns: Causes and Fixes

Lawns are meant for homeowners to gather on and have fun—whether it’s a cookout, a birthday…

Blog Golf Course
Maximizing Fungicide Performance by Avoiding Chemical Resistance

Every season, I hear more and more from customers about the declining performance of specific active…

Blog Lawn & Landscape
Winter Annual, Summer Annual, Perennial, and Biennial Weeds

Weeds come and go, with some appearing during specific seasons and some appearing for set periods…

Blog Lawn & Landscape
Broadleaf Plantain Identification and Control

When it comes to problematic perennial weeds, one of the biggest culprits is broadleaf plantain (Plantago…

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