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Advanced Turf Solutions Honors Operations Employees
Advanced Turf Solutions held it's annual operations meeting last week. The highlight of this meeting is when we take the time to honor our hard-working team and give awards to show our gratitude for those who go above an beyond. Please join me in congratulating those honored with awards!
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Precautions Regarding ArmorTech Tetra Herbicide Precautions Regarding ArmorTech Tetra Herbicide
ArmorTech Tetra, the herbicide containing 2,4-D, Fluroxypyr, Triclopyr, and Flumioxazin, has shown exceptional control of ground ivy and wild violet; however, recent reports of turfgrass discoloration have caused concern.
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Advanced Turf Solutions Welcomes Two New Golf Sales Representatives
We have recently welcomed Matt Welch and Don Lawrence to our golf sales team in Ohio.
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LT Rich Products Introduces the Snowrator ZX4
The revolutionary snow removal system from the makers of the Z-Spray and Z-Plug: the Snowrator ZX4.
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Advanced Turf Solutions Welcomes Four New Sales Representatives
We have recently added four new sales representatives to our team in the lawn and landscape, golf, and sports turf markets.
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Our Hilliard, Ohio Location Has Moved!
We have outgrown our space in Hilliard, Ohio, and are constructing a new building. In the meantime, we have relocated to an interim warehouse to better serve your needs.
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Stuart Cagle and Jamie Mehringer Receive the 2017 MRTF’s Award of Achievement
We are proud to announce that two of our very own, Stuart Cagle and Jamie Mehringer, were among the recipients of the 2017 Midwest Regional Turf Foundation’s Award of Achievement. The Midwest Regional Turf Foundation is an organization that supports turf research and education at Purdue University for the advancement of the turfgrass industry. Each year since […]
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Employee Spotlight: Dan Shemon and Joe Singles
Did you know that Detroit was the first city to have a concrete highway? Of course, it was only one mile on Woodward Avenue, but a small start can lead to something great. It led to Michigan being the first in many transportation innovations like superhighways and painted road centerlines. For us, we are excited […]
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Beginning summer 2017, EnP will market its Foliar-Pak brand of fertilizers nationally and retire the EnP Turf brand.
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Barenbrug Research, The RTF Brand / 2015 Barenbrug Research, The RTF Brand / 2015
With the development of the RTF ( Rhizomatous tall fescue ), Barenbrug’s research group identified three distinctly different tall fescue morphotypes: Continental, Rhizomatous, and Mediterranean.  Of these three groups, the Continental-types are by far the most common. Evolving north of the Alps and Pyrenees mountains, Continental-types have been the mainstay of turf-type tall fescue breeding and production since the introduction of Rebel some 30 plus years ago. Named varieties of Continental-type tall fescue now number in the hundreds and are used throughout the world.
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New Holganix Product Features Foliar-Pak’s Armament Technology
We are excited to announce a new product from Holganix. PB1 is a synergistic blend of Holganix-infused components, including a high concentration of 8 species of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae, enhanced with Foliar-Pak’s Armament technology. Holganix PB1 also contains other soil amending ingredients, like blackstrap molasses, amino acids, seaweed extract, humic acid, and vitamin B-1.
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Advanced Turf Solutions Is Now Offering Bayer Products Advanced Turf Solutions Is Now Offering Bayer Products
Back Your Turf with Bayer- ATS Is Proud to Bring You Science for a Better Life
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