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Enhanced Summer Stress Relief at Your Fingertips

Foliar-Pak Foundation Forty and CSi L jugs

We live in an instant gratification society. It can be difficult to wait for that email attachment, song, or movie to download. Microwaves zap our favorite snacks and meals, and social media outlets deliver breaking news before the cable channels!

Foliar-Pak has two products that work together well to provide immediate summer stress relief: Foundation Forty and CSi L.

Foundation Forty is the central product in Foliar-Pak’s industry-leading amino acid technology offerings. It’s a highly concentrated blend of specific amino acids. Think of it as “sniper fire” accuracy rather than the “shotgun” approach. These particular aminos were chosen for their ability to increase nitrogen fixation and chlorophyll production, as well as carbon source assimilation, providing many users rapid improvement of color and turf density.

CSi L is a liquid formulation of 25% silicon dioxide and a specific amino acid in a true solution. This formulation is built to minimize the interaction with other inputs in the tank, making it highly compatible with many products. The Si promotes cell wall strength and integrity. The amino acid assists in loading each cell’s vacuole with osmolytes, or ‘good salts’. This helps each cell to store moisture, causing them to be full, or “turgid” — think of a full water balloon inside each cell. The rigid cell wall and turgid interior help stand up to traffic and moisture stress. This reaction is noticeable within hours of application, and will last up to two weeks.

These two Foliar-Pak innovations work wonders when used separately as part of a sound nutrient management program, but when applied together they can provide rapid relief of summer stress complex. Your ATS sales representative will be able to assist you with rate recommendations for these and other Foliar-Pak products.

Todd Fregien
Sales Representative

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