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grass seed pile against white

Audio Blog: Dormant Seeding vs. Spring Seeding

If you were not able to get all your seed jobs completed, we now need to weigh the option of dormant seeding. Keep in mind that the seeds won’t germinate until the soil warms in the coming spring. Generally, you want soil temps 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Assuming snow is not on the ground, one could continue through the winter.

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Poison hemlock

Poison Hemlock or Queen Anne’s Lace? How to Tell

You may have heard about poison hemlock in the news recently, as it’s making headlines for its aggressive growth in the United States this year. The invasive plant is spreading throughout the country, and with it, concerns about the severe risks it poses.

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multiple billbugs

Control Billbugs Before They Control Your Course

Billbug damage is frequently confused with other turfgrass problems on golf courses. Damage from billbugs can be diagnosed as many ailments, including disease and white grubs, but nothing that should treat the problem works. Knowing more about billbugs can save time, patience, and money.

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Audio Blog: Aquatics

On this episode of the Around the Turf Scene Podcast, Beth Berry interviews Chip Houmes from Precision Laboratories. The two talk all things aquatics, from algae control to dye usage. Tune in to learn best practices for pond maintenance on golf courses, commercial properties, and residential lawns. This podcast was originally recorded for Turf’s Up Radio and repurposed for the Around the Turf Scene Podcast.

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