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Seed Webinar: Making Your Seed Budget Go Further — Getting More Bang for Your Buck!
With seed prices seeing unprecedented rises, are you using the most cost-effective blends or mixtures? In part two of the seed webinar series, Rusty explains the best grass for the site and application to help you make better decisions that can positively impact your bottom line.
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Seed Webinar: The 2021 Seed Harvest, Prices, and What To Expect This Year
In this special webinar edition of Around the Turf Scene, Rusty explains the market dynamics that affect grass prices, including demand, acreage, pest pressure, and seed yield.
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Bluemuda for Turfgrass Management in the Transition Zone
On this episode of the Around the Turf Scene Podcast, Dr. Gregg Munshaw and Brian Winka join Rusty to discuss bluemuda, a growing concept they’ve developed over the past several years.
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The Cicadas Are Coming
In this bonus episode, Rusty continues his conversation with Entomologist, Nikki Hendrickson. It’s almost time for Brood X, the periodical cicada, the 17-year cicada!
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White Grub Management with Nikki Hendrickson
On our first episode of the Around the Turf Scene Podcast, Nikki Hendrickson joins Rusty to discuss white grub management in turfgrass.
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