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Manage Puddles on Baseball Fields with Drying Agents

April 2, 2024 | Categories: ,

Standing water can be problematic—from delaying games to affecting field grade and creating lips. Removing water from the infield will help prevent saturation, which can cause further problems, so when it comes to clearing water off the infield skin, time is of the essence.

Why Standing Water Occurs

Puddles will form when water is unable to run off the infield skin. These issues are largely caused by an improper grade and/or lips caused by weather events. A pump or puddle sponge can be used to remove standing water, but drying agents can help eliminate puddles and get the game back on track, too.

How Drying Agents Work

Drying agents consist of particles that absorb water quickly and keep the infield consistent and safe for players. The fine particles in some drying agents (large particle products exist, too) help them cover a large area and dry the field in a short amount of time.

Drying agents can help reduce rain-outs and delays, keep water moving, keep players safe, and reduce compaction. These products won’t compress either, keeping material off cleats.

Proper Use of Drying Agents

It’s important to be conservative when using drying agents. Overuse can result in dusty, rock-hard playing surfaces. Fine particle drying agents should be removed from the infield once the excess water is absorbed.

Choosing a Product

Advanced Dry, by Advanced Turf Solutions, is a calcined clay product that absorbs water and reduces slick spots on baseball infields. What is calcined clay? Calcined clay is a type of clay that is fired in rotary kilns at temperatures up to 1400ºF and is used to manage water on infields and condition the soil. As a drying agent, its particles are sized to quickly absorb standing water from your skinned infield, keeping the game going and your players safe with fewer delays.

To learn more about drying agents and the products that can keep your infield water-free, reach out to your ATS representative.

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