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The Many Uses Of HydroPak Percolate

April 1, 2024 | Categories: ,

HydroPak Percolate is a combination soil surfactant that helps manage water on the golf course. It hydrates many soil types, improving rainfall and irrigation penetration—and as a hydration/infiltration blend, there’s no need to mix chemistries.

In addition to being a combination hydration/infiltration product, it’s designed for fine turfgrass and sand-based root zones, making it effective for use on greens, tees, and fairways. Percolate reduces surface tension, which helps prevent runoff and keeps water from being wasted. It also helps prevent localized dry spots, provides uniform soil moisture, and ensures a firm playing surface.

How Percolate Can Be Used

As a Late-Season Wetting Agent

Making a final wetting agent application on greens before shutting off irrigation systems can be a good way to end your winter prep. Percolate will help provide peace of mind that turf will survive winter stressors and will last into the spring. Over the course of the winter, it will help move water off the surface and keep the profile charged, ensuring that putting surfaces will be ready as play begins again in the spring. When using as a late-season wetting agent, apply HydroPak Percolate at five ounces per thousand square feet.

For Help With Water in Sandy Soils

Sandy soils can be water-repellent, which means a solution is needed to help water attach and provide moisture rather than pass through. Percolate has both infiltrating and hydrating chemistries, which means it cannot only get water into the soil, but hold it there as well. Percolate will move water off the surface, too, ensuring water gets to the root zone without affecting playability.

Against Dry Spots and Surface Tension

For best results, start using Percolate in late spring. This will allow the product to start working before dry spots appear and surface tension occurs. Reapply Percolate on a monthly basis.

To Mitigate Cart Damage

If the layout of your course means installing a drainage system or irrigation head is off the table, a wetting agent like Percolate can protect turf, keep it alive and healthy, and improve its appearance in areas of heavy traffic.

With Snow Mold Applications

Adding a surfactant like Percolate to winterization efforts will help snow mold fungicides combat desiccation in the event of a mild, snow-free winter.

With Fungicide Applications

When making fungicide applications, Percolate will help reduce surface moisture, hold water in the root zone, and protect the crown from damage.

In Programs for Dry Soil

On very dry soil, applying five ounces of Percolate and one ounce of Aqueous will enable the soil to take in water. That water helps cool off the surface and removes salt, all while keeping playability possible.

Depending on the type of application you are making, Percolate should be applied at a rate of between four and six ounces per thousand square feet. Be sure to follow label instructions for rates, information on watering in, and more. If you’d like to see how Percolate can protect your course and keep water flowing properly, reach out to your ATS rep.

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