bottle of Foliar-Pak Amperage
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Foliar-Pak Amperage 5-0-0

2.5 gal
bottle of Foliar-Pak Amperage

NEW Formula – Lower Rates!  Foliar-Pak Amperage is a liquid blend of molasses, iron, manganese, and zinc complexed with amino acids.

Newly formulated with amino acids to enhance uptake efficiency and provide further plant health benefits. The iron, manganese, and zinc are complexed with low-molecular-weight amino acids that allow for movement through the stomatal pores and transcuticular pores. This increases the uptake efficiency, allowing lower use rates than the previous formulation.

Foliar-Pak Amperage is a great warm or cool season turf product that increases plant and soil health by offering the following advantages:

  • Foliar-Pak Amperage is formulated with a blend of molasses and amino acids that provides exceptional plant health and soil health benefits.
  • Foliar-Pak Amperage is great for maintaining base levels of the primary minerals required for complete photosynthesis especially during periods of cool temperatures.
  • Amperage elicits excellent plant color and is especially useful when plant metabolism declines due to low sunlight and sub-optimal temperatures.
  • Focused amino acids increase photosynthetic activity, prolong the life of chloroplasts and produce anti-stress compounds.
  • Sugars from natural molasses energize plants with a source of simple carbohydrates that supplement the plant especially under low sunlight and cooler conditions.
  • Molasses in Amperage increases microbial activity which can lead to nutrient mineralization and aid in thatch reduction.

Packaging: 2 x 2.5 gallon/ case

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