20-20-20 General Purpose

25 lb
Plant Marvel Nutriculture 20-20-20 provides over 60% nutrient value in a 1-1-1 ratio which makes it suitable for general use in a wide variety of growing situations. It is widely used on containerized stock in the nursery industry and for greenhouse crops such as foliage plants and bedding plants. For institutional and general landscape maintenance, it is ideal because it works well on turf, trees or shrubs as well as blooming plants and can be used as a single all-purpose spray feed.

It contains high levels of ammoniacal nitrogen, which makes it an ideal warm weather all-purpose feed. It is not recommended for use on poinsettias, gloxinias, Easter lilies, mums, geraniums, and other flowering crops that specifically require a higher nitrate nitrogen ratio. Select a formulation with a higher percentage of nitrate nitrogen such as our 20-10-20 or 17-17-17 or a specific formulation designed for that particular crop.
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