The Andersons 12-3-12 Contec DG with Proactin
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12-3-12 Contec DG with Proactin

The Andersons 12-3-12 Contec DG with Proactin

The Andersons® 12-3-12 with Mg, Mn, and Proactin and Hi-Vis features the patented dispersing granule formula, which greatly reduces fertilizer loss due to ball, shoe & mower pickup. Lighter color high visibility (“Hi-Vis”) formula. Contains iron, manganese & magnesium to correct minor nutrient deficiencies. Ideal product for spoon-feeding programs applied with a granular spreader. Contains Proactin to build secondary root formation, improve heat and drought tolerance and enhance nutrient availability.

N – (12%): Ammoniacal nitrogen
P – as P2O5 – (3%): Ammonium phosphate
K – as K2O – (12%): Potassium sulfate, sulfate of potash magnesia
Mg – (0.50%): Total Magnesium
S – (17.27%): Combined Sulfur
Fe – (0.30%): Total Iron
Mn – (0.50%): Total Manganese

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