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Ultimate Ornamental Package: Building Strong Soils to Grow Strong Trees and Shrubs

November 13, 2019 | Categories: , , ,
Landscaping with Weigela Shrubs and Rock Retaining Wall

We all know that fertilizing grass helps to build a strong plant. Trees and shrubs are no different, but they do require a different approach, I think. We want to accomplish a few key things when feeding trees and shrubs.

  1. Don’t push top growth.
  2. Feed soil microbes.
  3. Support a strong root system.
  4. Help the plant produce food for itself and take up water and nutrients more efficiently.

We can accomplish all of these things by utilizing Foliar-Pak’s ULTIMATE ORNAMENTAL PACKAGE! This is a very simple program that can use equipment that you may already have.  It can be applied with a root feeder or as a soil drench.

This is the mix:

Use 1 gallon of each in 100 gallons water and apply 1 gallon solution per DBH. It’s that easy! Jet agitation helps as well…

Colonise Bio LTO: Provides a highly specific blend of microorganisms, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers. This helps to promote color response, plant resilience, and nutrient uptake.

Chloroburst L: One timely application of Chloroburst L will reverse iron, manganese, and zinc deficiencies and provides essential nutrients for chlorophyll production.

12-6-6: Bio-based fertilizer provides bio-active ingredients that improve microbial activity and nutrient availability while reducing fertilizer inputs into the environment.

If you have any questions on using the Ultimate Ornamental Package, don’t hesitate to contact your sales rep!

Brian Hissem
Sales Representative