Moisture management is critical to helping your greens survive summer stress, and a moisture meter is the tool for the job.

Why to Use a Moisture Meter

A moisture meter allows you to manage soil moisture precisely, avoiding the opposite problems of too much or too little water in the soil. Especially during summer stress, the effects of incorrect moisture levels are critical.

  • Too much moisture: increased disease and weed pressure, algae, and scalping
  • Not enough moisture: localized dry spot, hydrophobic soil, and increased canopy temperatures

Which Moisture Meter to Use

We have several moisture meters, in addition to a temperature sensor accessory, from Spectrum Technologies. FieldScout technology allows superintendents to monitor moisture remotely on the FieldScout mobile app.

How to Use a Moisture Meter

Time-domain reflectometers (TDR) measure the volumetric water content of the soil. To use a TDR correctly, follow the best practices below.

  • Calibrate your meter—your ATS sales rep can help.
  • Measure water content on each putting green because they’re all unique.
  • Measure water content at various depths using variable rod length options.
  • Take readings in the morning, check the weather forecast, and then determine accordingly how much to water that day.