FieldScout TDR 150 Soil Moisture Meter

Performance, Upgraded.

Portable soil moisture meter allows you to obtain readings on the go at the press of a button. Variable rod length options provide soil moisture measurements at your ideal root zone. With new enhancements, the TDR 150 provides significant improvements in performance and measurement accuracy for optimal turf and soil environments.

  • Increased accuracy of soil moisture (Volumetric Water Content)

  • Measures EC (Electrical Conductivity)

  • Measures Turf Surface Temperature

  • Option to add on Bluetooth and GPS

  • Data logger records approximately 50,000 measurements

  • Industry-exclusive backlit display

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Data collected with USB flash drive

  • No PC interface needed

  • Powered by AA lithium batteries

  • Ideal for measuring containers on benches

  • Optional IR Temp sensor to measure canopy

Note: Rods are required for TDRs to function
Always read and follow label directions
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