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Grass Heals the Scars of Humanity

aerial of brown patch study

As we all find ways to navigate through life’s challenges there needs to be a sense of calm in our day to day lives. A place we can relax and take comfort. Where the senses can be revitalized and take a break.  

Nearly three decades ago, Bill Rose, a pioneer in the grass seed industry and founder of Turf-Seed, now Pure Seed, coined the phrase,“Grass Heals the Scars of Humanity.At the time, the phrase was addressing soil erosion by using grass seed as a repair tool. Today, the phrase can take on a whole new meaning and can team up with the popular term,“Environmentally Friendly.”   

Grass seed used in every application brings quality to our lives. From our home lawns, parks, athletic fields, and even green pastures for our livestock, grass seed continues to provide quality to our lifestyles.

Pure Seed is committed to producing improved seed varieties that focus on less inputs. Research addressing drought, disease resistance, salt, and traffic tolerance along with dark green color are just a few of the benefits. Pure Seeds commitment and reach are global, and our environmentally friendly footprint knows no borders or boundaries. 

Pure Seed has two research facilities located in Canby, Oregon, and Raleigh, North Carolina, directed by Crystal Rose Fricker and Dr. Melodee Fraser. Pure Seed utilizes test data from turfgrass trials all around the globe. Localized data results in more comprehensive feedback and dials in the best varieties to use by location.

Pure Seed’s tall fescues begin development and testing at our Raleigh, North Carolina research farm where they pass extensive testing for brown patch resistance, gray leaf spot, and heat and drought conditions.

Tall Fescue Gray Leaf Spot Trial
Kentucky Bluegrass Summer Patch Trial
Kentucky Bluegrass Low Maintenance Drought Trial

Pure Seed is constantly evaluating perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescues, and fine fescues for custom blending and mixing compatibility. Pure Seed offers consulting and specification services for best-localized results and performance.

So slow down, pause, and give your personal thoughts to“Grass Heals the Scars of Humanity”and what it means to you, and how relevant and meaningful these words are in today’s world we live in.

Russ Hayworth
Product Development
Pure Seed