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Battle Summer Stress with Advanced Turf

July 25, 2023 | Categories: ,
Summer Stress

As we charge forward into some of the toughest months for golf course management, DEFENSE becomes the name of the game. We offer some great options to help battle these harsh conditions.  



Flowable Wetting Agents

During the stressful times of summer, wetting agents can ease your mind. They help hold water and break surface tension, plus they can help flush unwanted water through the soil profile. When it comes to the prevalent summertime problem, localized dry spot, wetting agents are an effective tool.

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Tablet and Granular Wetting Agents

Wetting agents do not have to be liquid to be effective. Granular wetting agents are versatile for many uses on golf greens, collars, bunker fingers, and landscape beds. Advanced Turf offers great granular wetting agents as well as easy-to-use wetting agent tablets that smoothly fit hose-end applicators and get the job done. 

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Foliar-Pak OH $H*T Spray

Use this spray when the condition of your turf has you shouting four-letter words this summer. Distressed turf cannot manufacture the proteins and plant hormones it needs for recovery. This spray is loaded with natural amino acids, sugars, and organic acids that jump-start your turf for super quick recovery.

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Gold Standard 45 is a Must Right Now

Anything you can do to help your plants keep water in their cells, maintain cell wall integrity, fend off biotic and abiotic stressors, and create energy, the better off you’ll be in getting through the stress of summer. Why not use the latest technology to keep your plant healthy? Gold Standard 45, an amino acid-phosphite, is extremely safe and has a low use rate of 0.5-2 oz/1000 sq ft.

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Don’t Be Caught Without a Hose this Summer

Advanced Turf has a variety of irrigation hoses, including the 1″ Ultralite high-pressure irrigation hose from Kochek. Make sure you are not caught without a hose, grab a back up or two.

Nozzles, Nozzles, Nozzles

Advanced Turf supplies high-quality, hand-watering nozzles to make your daily routine easier and more accurate. Reach out to your ATS rep for all your nozzle needs.   



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