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Add These Products to Your Tank (For Golf)

April 17, 2023 | Categories: ,

Your time is valuable, and tasks can add up quickly. Give yourself a hand by adding these products to your tank to make your job easier. 

If you’re going to invest the time to apply control products and fertilizers, using Hydro-Pak Command is a must. Command is an organic acid penetrant that properly guides control products and fertilizers into the soil. One way Command does this is by helping your products push through thatch by breaking the surface tension of organic matter. 

Command also helps control products and fertilizer get into the soil properly via its formulation and handling of bicarbonate issues. The penetrant contains an organic acid that helps to work negative inputs, from irrigation water, through the soil profile. At the same time, its formulation reduces soil surface tension and improves water infiltration allowing water and nutrients to reach the root zone.

Foliar-Pak Microsync is a great option to add to your tank. It’s a chelated micronutrient package with boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, and amino acids. The metals in Microsync are 100% chelated, which means your turf will get health benefits and long-lasting color. Microsync is also compatible with insecticides, pesticides, and fungicides, resulting in it being a smart partner for tank mixes.

Another great Foliar-Pak option to add to your tank is Armament technology. Armament protects the nutrients in spray tanks, making them available for plant uptake. Better nutrient uptake could result in reduced inputs. It even has a stimulatory effect on root hair growth which enhances the plant’s ability to absorb more water and nutrients. 

Armament technology can be found in several formulations, including a 38% sprayable concentrate, making it a convenient, easy-to-use, sprayable product to add to your tank. 

SOLAROUS Chromatic Plant Enhancer from Precision Laboratories would be an excellent addition to your tank this summer. It gives the turf a natural green color while also reflecting harmful UV radiation. Adding SOLAROUS to your foliar sprays helps retain turf health and reduce wilt, transpiration, hot spots, and hand watering. SOLAROUS can be tank-mixed with a variety of other products in foliar sprays. Make sure to shake it well and follow the proper mixing order.  

SOLAROUS also compliments liquid soil surfactant programs. You are already managing soil moisture in the profile with soil surfactants. Now, by using SOLAROUS, you can also manage moisture in plant tissue, too.

ArmorTech Optimizer Green Shade is one last product you must try in your tank. It protects turf from the damage of UV sunlight and is tank-mix compatible with most herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides, plant growth regulators, and wetting agents. Optimizer Green Shade can be used repeatedly in a spray program and to supply green color to dormant turf.

Optimizer Green Shade also boosts turfgrass quality, color, and appearance while blending color variations caused by phytotoxicity, stress, and cultivar inconsistency. By serving as a spray pattern indicator, it improves application accuracy as well.

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