Commando Universal Spill Response Kit

This slim, mobile spill response kit fits easily in your vehicle and may be hung on the warehouse or shop wall to give you immediate response to chemical spills. Ideal for pesticide-hauling vehicles, chemical handlers and haulers, around mixing and storage areas. The kit is packed in a highly visible yellow, chemical resistant carry bag. Pickup rating is 5 gallons of liquid per kit.

Each kit includes: 2 CHEMSORB Diking Tubes (3"x48"), 4 CHEMSORB Pillows (16"x9"x2"), 2 HazMat disposal bags, 1 pair 15 mil Nitrile gloves, 1 pair safety goggles, 1 pair Tychem SL Saranex boot covers and an instruction sheet. Compliance: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119-120.
Always read and follow label directions
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