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Spice Up the Winter Months at Your Operation

January 11, 2022 | Categories: ,
golf course on a frosty morning

Golf course operations have wrapped up for the winter months and turf managers and their staff are certainly looking forward to a more relaxed environment. Of course, there is plenty of equipment repair and maintenance and shop work to go along with outdoor tree work and more. However, long stretches of cloudy, cold weather can quickly lead to the onset of the winter doldrums.

Here are some ways to try to inject some fresh energy into your winter routines at the course.

Attend Regional Shows and Winter Education Seminars

There can be plenty of options depending on your geography. Be sure to attend your regional ATS Winter Education Seminar. Attending these events breaks up the monotony of the winter as well as allows you to network with peers. Let’s face it, everyone needs the pesticide points, but the networking, learning what is new, or freshening up on something you’ve forgotten is the real reason to get out to all the continuing education and conference opportunities that go on during the winter months. Visit our events page to register for an event near you and check back often as more winter education seminars will be scheduled soon.

Adjust Work Schedules

After months of early alarms and long days, winter is a great time to adjust work schedules to enjoy things you may have missed out on during the season. Plan to take kids to school now that there is no need to be at the course at 6 am. Leave earlier to pick kids up since greens don’t have to be watched like a toddler this time of the year. You could even institute a 4-day work week for staff. There are numerous ways to keep production up and adjust schedules to suit the staff’s needs.

Staff Outings

Winter is a great opportunity to have staff outings or team-building exercises. Since it’s primary staff only during the winter, this is an ideal time for building crew morale and training for next year. Sweeping the shop floor can wait, so why not have that extended lunch at the pool hall with the crew this winter?

Responsibility Training

Most staff just take orders from management all season, with little or no input in the daily grind. Why not reward valuable staff with the opportunity to manage for the day, the week, or even manage a special project? Winter is a great time to keep developing leadership qualities in your staff.

Vacation and Time Off

Last, but not least, don’t let those vacation days/PTO go to waste! Winter is the time to get away from the club and refresh. Whatever works for you and your staff, but the golf course won’t miss you! Do this for your own health and well-being, so you will be refreshed for spring.

Have a wonderful winter season, and we look forward to seeing you at a show or seminar!

Ryan Smith
Sales Representative