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A little more about Ryan Smith

As one of our golf, sports turf, and lawn care experts, Ryan Smith is here to meet the needs of ATS customers like you. Ryan has been in the green industry since 1998 and has been with ATS since 2016. Before entering the industry, Ryan studied at the University of Kentucky.

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Audio Blog: Preventing Fungicide Resistance

With fungicide usage being as important as it is, let’s dive in and look at best practices to prevent fungicide resistance from being your next big headache. Here are a few basic concepts to remember when applying fungicides and developing a fungicide program.

Blog Golf Course
Agronomic Plans: A Roadmap to Success

With the growing season coming to a halt, it now becomes time to ask the question, “Are you prepared for next year?” Read about how having an agronomic plan will provide good communication, better financial management, and is generally a roadmap to success for the next year.

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Spice Up the Winter Months at Your Operation

Long stretches of cloudy, cold weather can quickly lead to the onset of the winter doldrums. Here are some ways to try to inject some fresh energy into your winter routines at the course.

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