Advanced Turf Solutions added four products in the third quarter of 2023. Keep reading to find out what’s new.


Tourney EZ  liquid formulation, by Nufarm, is the next generation of Tourney fungicide. It is a powerful, broad-spectrum solution for effective control of more than 16 turfgrass and ornamental diseases, including anthracnose, brown patch, summer patch, take-all patch, fairy ring, dollar spot, necrotic ring spot, gray leaf spot, snow mold, and other patch diseases.

Resilia Root Health Solution, by Envu, is an all-in-one fungicide and nematicide that protects your roots from destructive soilborne diseases and suppresses harmful nematode populations. With its broad-spectrum control of soil-borne pathogens, Resilia allows your roots to stay healthy and reach their full potential—plus keeps your turf playable all season long. It’s simple to add into either cool-season or warm-season programs too, having a single rate for all labeled diseases and one jug treating exactly two acres.

Plant Growth Regulator

Anuew EZ, by Nufarm, is a new formulation of a proven plant growth regulator that saves time with less mowing and fewer clippings while improving the overall playability of greens, tees, and fairways. Anuew EZ growth regulation supports a more consistent green speed and a more evenly regulated and denser fairway. Anuew EZ is a late-stage GA inhibitor that, relative to others, is more active and longer lasting on cool-season and some warm-season turf species.

Liquid Fertilizer

Micros Plus, by Foliar-Pak, has a new formulation. It still provides foliar delivery of key nutrients that promote improvement for overall plant growth. However, now, the formulation includes Armament technology and potassium. Armament technology unlocks the tied-up nutrients already in the soil and enhances nutrient utilization by protecting and keeping them in a plant-usable form. Potassium assists turfgrass with managing stress.