Advanced Turf Solutions added five product offerings over the past few months. Learn more about each one below.

N Stabilizer

Foliar-Pak N Stabilizer is a nitrogen stabilizer that you can blend with urea fertilizers to minimize volatilization loss. N Stabilizer slows urea hydrolysis by inhibiting the urease enzyme’s activity.

Sempre Verde

Foliar-Pak Sempre Verde is a turf paint that provides a natural green color. With sticker technology, Sempre Verde provides uniform, long-lasting color and reduced risk of rub-off.

Precip G

Precip G is a granular soil surfactant by Precision Laboratories. It provides preventative water management by promoting hydration and infiltration. With a limestone carrier, the wetting agent dissolves quickly without leaving residue on application equipment.

Pillar SC

Pillar SC Intrinsic Brand Fungicide is a fast-acting, dual-active liquid formulation by BASF. It delivers broad-spectrum control of up to 26 cool- and warm-season turf diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot, leaf spots, and large patch on all turf types.


The SGXL is Steel Green’s newest and largest machine. It is a 120-gallon zero-turn stand-on sprayer featuring a 14-foot, four-section, rear-mounted breakaway boom with electric hydraulic lift actuators that provide superior visibility to allow operators to monitor every nozzle’s performance. The SGXL received a “Twenty for 2022” New Product Award from Landscape Business.