Foliar-Pak Pond Additive is a safe, effective, and unique approach to algae control in ponds. We asked John Gruneisen, Midwest territory sales manager with EnP, who supports the Foliar-Pak line, a few questions about Pond Additive. Learn how it clears ponds, how to apply it, and more in this Q&A.

How does Foliar-Pak Pond Additive clear ponds?

Once Foliar-Pak Pond Additive is applied to water, it breaks down in silicic acid monomers, whereby it is readily available for diatoms to feed on. Diatoms use silicic acid and other nutrients to multiply. As the diatom population increases and becomes the dominant species in the pond, the dissolved oxygen content increases, which can increase water clarity. The more they grow, the better the body of water looks.


How is Foliar-Pak Pond Additive Applied?

Getting the diatoms off to a good start and established is the key to success. Dilute Pond Additive 1:1 (up to 5:1) with water and apply evenly to the surface of the water with a backpack or other pressure sprayer. The initial application is 32 ounces per surface acre. Repeat every 10 days until the desired clarity of the water is obtained. This usually takes 3 applications every 10 days on average.

After the desired clarity of water has been achieved, reduce the application to 16 ounces per acre of water monthly to maintain the increased diatom population.

Is Foliar-Pak Pond Additive Safe?

Many pond additive products kill organisms, which can have undesirable effects, such as killing off-target organisms, like fish, and creating an ecological environment that’s out of balance. It can also prevent using surface water as an irrigation source. Foliar–Pak Pond Additive is not designed to kill anything. As such, it’s safe to use in all bodies of water.

John Gruneisen
Midwest Territory Sales Manager, EnP