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Make the Most Out of In-Season Edging

May 3, 2022 | Categories:

A clean, straight, and safe edge requires no additional money, just a bit of planning and work. Here are some tips to make the most of in-season edging:

Do not attempt to maintain a clean infield edge with non-selective herbicides.

Prior to edging the infield, always string up the edge to ensure straight lines.

Use tarps during nonuse to keep the edges around mounds and home plate areas clean.

Try not to drag too close to the edge. Always keep the drag at least 12 inches from all edges. Dragging too close tends to produce lips and decreases player safety by creating tripping hazards and opportunities for bad hops.

Additional tips:

  • A blade edger is a great choice for in-season edging.  
  • Blow the edge clean after every mow and play to keep infield dirt out of the grass. Backpack blowers are good options for this.
  • During the in-season, edge every two weeks; only grass clippings will be removed if edging occurs at the two-week frequency.
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