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Let’s Play! Checklist for Practices and Game Days

April 16, 2021 | Categories: ,
close up of home plate and gentleman leveling the dirt in the infield

The game season is starting, and you’re prepping your fields for play! It’s time to fertilize and overseed any worn areas in the turf and repair the infield after a winter’s nap. Once the turf and infield are in tip-top shape, here’s a handy reminder of the steps to make sure your field can withstand the rigors of practice and game day.

Before Practice Checklist:

  • Remove the tarps.
  • Setup the safety screens for the pitcher’s mound, first and second bases.
  • Install the bases and water the baselines and skinned areas.
  • Situate the batting cage at home plate.
  • Mow as required.

For a more in-depth look at checking the condition of equipment, take a look at this article on pre-season work for athletic fields.

After Practice and Games Checklist:

  • Rake the dirt off the grass along base paths, infield edge, and the mound circle.
  • Remove the bases and cover the base anchor sleeves.
  • Rebuild the pitcher’s mound and the home plate. Cover with tarps. Check out this guide to mound repair.
  • Rebuild the bullpen area.
  • Drag the skinned spots and baselines.
  • Fix the divots in the turfgrass areas.

Game Day Checklist:

  • Mow the turf.
  • Remove tarps.
  • Break up the skinned areas with a spiker then drag the areas until smooth.
  • Water the infield and the mound.
  • Mark the field and set the chalk lines.
  • Set up the pitching plate, bases, home plate, and bullpen area.
  • Make sure all the electronic and audio equipment is functioning.

Follow this checklist to make sure your season is in peak condition for play. Make sure to contact your sports turf specialist for products and advice!