Providing broad-spectrum disease control when and where it’s needed most, ArmorTech FluZoxy-T, by United Turf Alliance, is a three-way fungicide designed to eliminate some of the toughest diseases superintendents can face.

Three Active Ingredients

FluZoxy-T is an efficient and economical disease solution that combines several contact and systemic fungicides into one powerful solution.

  • Fluazinam (19.5%) is a unique contact fungicide that prevents spore germination and fungal mycelium development. Fluazinam does not enter the turfgrass plant, instead forming a sort of protective barrier on the surface that prevents infections from taking hold.
  • Tebuconazole (6.8%) is a systemic fungicide that offers both protective and curative properties. It is absorbed by the plant and translocated. Its systemic action allows tebuconazole to combat existing infections and protect against new growth.
  • Azoxystrobin (6.2%) is another systemic fungicide known for its broad-spectrum activity and preventative properties. Like tebuconazole, azoxystrobin is absorbed by the plant and translocated. It is primarily known for its long residual activity.

Tailored, Broad-Spectrum Control

Designed specifically for golf course use, FluZoxy-T controls anthracnose, brown patch, snow mold, stem rust, dollar spot, summer patch, leaf spot, and more diseases that are common on greens, tees, and fairways. See page 10 of FluZoxy-T’s label for a full list of controlled diseases.

Applying FluZoxy-T

For the best results, be sure to follow the recommended application guidelines written on the label. Be sure to review the notes section on page 10 for specific requirements depending on the disease being treated.

  • Application Rate: Use 1.16 fluid ounces per thousand square feet. Ensure uniform coverage by applying in sufficient water (a minimum of two gallons of water per thousand square feet).
  • Timing: Apply preventatively before conditions favor disease development. Consult the label for timing depending on the disease(s) you are looking to treat.
  • Precautions: Avoid consecutive applications during or just after dormancy break, and do not apply to bermudagrass greens when temperatures exceed 85°F.

Convenient, Efficient, Economical

FluZoxy-T is convenient, combining three jugs into one. It’s efficient, too, with its broad-spectrum efficacy ensuring that a single application can target multiple diseases. Plus, it’s economical; Its long-lasting residual activity helps reduce the frequency of applications, making it easy on applicators and their wallets.

To learn more about keeping your course healthy and disease-free all season with FluZoxy-T, reach out to your ATS rep.