ArmorTech FluZoxy-T

2.5 gal
Armortech FluZoxy-T, by United Turf Alliance, provides broad-spectrum control of turfgrass diseases including anthracnose, dollar spot, and snow mold on golf courses. A unique combination of three types of contact and systemic fungicides, it is an efficient, convenient, and economical solution for many turf diseases. It contains fluazinam (19.5%), tebuconazole (6.8%), and azoxystrobin (6.2%). FluZoxy-T is labeled for use on golf courses.

Active ingredients: fluazinam (19.5%), tebuconazole (6.8%), azoxystrobin (6.2%)

Application rate: 1.16 fl oz per 1,000 sq ft
Always read and follow label directions
Downloads: download label Label download label Brochure
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