Advanced Turf Solutions is now carrying Underhill products. Underhill offers quality products that many of our customers are already familiar with, and we wanted to highlight some of their top water pumps, applicators, nozzles, and other products. Keep reading to learn more about the popular products that can make a difference on your course this season.

RollerPro™ Sprinkler Base

The RollerPro Sprinkler Base offers stability and durability for efficient watering. Crafted from premium stainless steel, it’s designed for years of hard use. Compatible with both one-inch and ¾-inch hoses and sprinklers, it includes adapters for seamless integration. Its 22-inch wide stainless steel roller provides a stable field position for supplemental watering. This product is ideal for watering dry spots and newly seeded areas.

Twist-Ease Kink Eliminator

Eliminate the frustration of hose kinks and tangles with the Twist-Ease Kink Eliminator. This product is a brass fitting that fits between your hose and nozzle or hose end valve. Its swivel mechanism spins freely, allows for easy untangling as you move along. Made from rust and corrosion-resistant brass, it is durable and can provide hassle-free operation and uninterrupted water flow.

POWERGulp™ Water Pump (Available in June)

Underhill will be introducing POWERGulp, a battery-operated hand pump designed to excel in challenging environments, in June 2024. Its innovative MudGuard™ allows operation in dirty water, ensuring reliability in tough conditions. For ease of use, it will have interchangeable battery plates compatible with major brands. It will come with three discharge hose options to suit your needs, too. With the simple flip of a switch, enjoy effortless pumping, delivering 11 GPM even in the dirtiest of water.

Gulp™ Pro Water Removal Pumps

Meet the Gulp Pro series of pumps, created to handle various water removal tasks with efficiency and ease. Experience fewer clogs with the intake foot valve, while the larger cylinder body ensures higher pump volume. Its redesigned plunger offers improved suction and pumping, complemented by the also-redesigned top o-ring that eliminates spraying. Gulp Pro pumps also offer a hassle-free maintenance experience; they can be fully disassembled for cleaning. Gulp Pro pumps have high suction power and self-priming capabilities and are built to last.

PelletPro™ Applicator Gun

Underhill’s wetting agent applicator system combines a heavy-duty surfactant applicator, high-flow valve, and Precision™ Cloudburst™ nozzle to deliver optimal performance. The PelletPro applicator gun accommodates all wetting agent tablets, ensuring even dissolution and application. Operating at 35+ GPM, it expedites tasks while offering a soft spray ideal for watering or treating hydrophobic soils. The system is also built to last, constructed of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel. Hand-held models offer customizable features like Cloudburst™ Profile or ShowerHead™ hose nozzles, along with plastic or brass high-flow shut-off valves. The in-line applicator option connects directly to water sources for reduced handheld weight.

Baseball Pro Locker

The Baseball ProLocker™ helps keep watering tools secure and safe. Choose between 1-inch and ¾-inch kits, each containing all necessary nozzles for maintaining baseball field skins, turf, batter’s boxes, and pitcher’s mounds. The ultra-durable case, crafted from high-strength composite material, secures to any utility vehicle for quick access.

UltraMAX™ Pro Series Nozzles

The UltraMAX hose nozzle lineup is made for the toughest turf maintenance jobs and day-to-day use. Crafted from high-quality materials akin to those used in firefighting equipment, these nozzles are designed to endure the rigors of turf care while remaining leak-proof. Their turbo shift feature provides variable flow rates, enhancing their adaptability for various tasks. With heavy-duty ball valves and easy-to-use on/off control handles, these nozzles are built for long-lasting performance.


The DrainBlaster is a high-pressure drain-cleaning nozzle designed for effortless debris removal. Its unique self-guiding feature ensures efficient cleaning, while the wire attachment connector allows for easy use with wire locators to map drain routes. The DrainBlaster is suitable for four to six-inch drains and catch basins. It’s also a good option for boring or sleeving under sidewalks or cart paths. It is available with ¾-inch or one-inch thread inlets.

For more information about Underhill products, contact your ATS rep.