Now’s the time to start planning aeration for your course. Aeration is a critical practice to help your course recover from summer stress, but it also requires some recovery of its own.

Aeration combats soil compaction and thatch buildup, making way for more air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system. These components are crucial to healthy turfgrass, especially as it comes out of stressful summer conditions.

To maximize the benefits of aeration, plan to give your grass the nutrients it needs to recover. Although aeration is a good practice, it is necessarily stressful in its own right. An excellent way to minimize the stress of aeration is to make pre- and post-aeration applications of products such as those in Foliar-Pak’s cool-season aeration recovery program.

Natural plant extracts and active L-amino acids prepare the turf for aeration and help it recover afterward. The Foliar-Pak program speeds the closure of core aeration holes and reduces the need for nitrogen applications after aeration.

Following the Foliar-Pak program, you should apply the products three days before aeration and again seven days after aeration. Contact your ATS representative to secure the products in the program and find answers to any other questions you have about aeration.