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Why You Should be Liquid Overseeding

October 26, 2020 | Categories: ,
Optimizer Green Shade

Liquid overseeding is the practice of applying pigments or paint to dormant turf in order to enhance its color and growth. The practice has become very important in the transition zone and Mid-South. If you have not tried it in those regions, here are some reasons why you should, as well as a little more information about pigments and paints.

The traditional process of overseeding dormant bermudagrass with ryegrass is expensive, especially when you take into account all the things needed to keep the overseeded grass growing and an increasingly tight seed market. Continuous winter maintenance with limited options for winter weed control and the transition back to bermuda in the early summer using chemicals help make overseeding costly.  

Normal overseeding on warm-season grasses creates a problem when the dormant warm-season grass starts to “wake-up” in the spring. Liquid overseeding gives the desired color on brown, dormant grass, while providing a protective layer that helps spring green-up without the issue of grass competition during the transition period. Overseeded grass from a traditional overseeding can also mask warm-season turfgrass damage. This can be avoided with liquid overseeding. 

Pigments and Paints

Liquid overseeding in the form of pigments, such as ArmorTech Optimizer Green Shade, normally can be applied prior to the onset of dormancy at rates from 24-32 oz per acre with the higher rates providing a darker shade. Pigments at these rates typically last 4 weeks based on conditions.  

Paints tend to be more pricey than pigments and are thicker and darker. They also vary greatly in their rates and water volumes, so it’s best to check with your Advanced Turf Sales Rep on timing and rates. The cleanup is more extensive, but paints can last up to 6-8 weeks and provide a great healthy alternative to overseeding.  

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