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Wetting Agents for Fall Root Recovery

September 29, 2021 | Categories: , , ,
Trees in the fall on green grass

As fall approaches, we’re entering prime recovery season. Most everyone in the turf industry knows how important it is to feed the turf this time of year to help encourage root growth. Unfortunately, most stop with just the fertilizer when water management in the soil profile is just as important to root growth. Turf under drought stress or excessive moisture will not produce the same root growth as soil with well-balanced moisture. 

To maximize root growth, it’s important to use wetting agents to our advantage. Most of the industry has embraced wetting agents as a staple of their chemical programs through the summer months to help eliminate isolated dry spots, but there’s great value in continuing them into the fall to aid in root growth and development. During the summer stress months, we want to hold moisture in the root zone so it’s available for the plant. But in the fall, we want to drive water deeper into the profile. As we all know, the roots will follow the water; so by pushing good soil moisture deeper into the soil profile, you will develop deeper roots for next season.

This graph from the University of Minnesota Extension illustrates the importance of root recovery in the fall.

Advanced Turf Solutions offers a full line of wetting agents from Foliar-Pak, Precision Labs, and Aquatrols. Please consult your ATS sales representative to discuss which product would best serve you and your specific soil type.

Jim Hess
Sales Representative

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