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Tricks Of The Trade For Baseball In May

April 19, 2018 | Categories:
four different tricks for baseball
During the business of the baseball-playing season, we would all like to find ways to make our workload shrink faster, but in an efficient manner. Good news! We have some tricks of the trade that may just do that.

Trick of the Trade #1 – Wrapping a Tamp

Do you have issues with mound clay and infield mix sticking to the bottom of your tamp?  If so, considering taping a plastic bag to the bottom of the tamp.

The following photos were taken while a tamp was wrapped at Indiana Tech University:

Trick of the Trade #2 – DIY Clay Shaving Tool

Take a standard tine rake to a bench grinder and sharpen the teeth. Now, the rake is a clay-shaving tool.

Trick of the Trade #3 – DIY Tarp Handle

Take seat belt webbing, make a loop and attach a grommet. Attach to a 10-inch nail, and you have a tarp nail with a handle:

Trick of the Trade #4 – DIY Tarp Weights

There are many ways to weigh down mound and plate tarps.

Simply, take a rope, knot it on one end, and run it through PVC pipe. Fill with sand and glue the caps together.