Laying down the groundwork now for healthy and vibrant trees and shrubs in the spring is key. What’s the secret to unlocking their full potential? Look no further than deep root feeding, facilitated by Foliar-Pak’s Ultimate Ornamental Package (UOP).

When deep root feeding for spring success, we want to accomplish a few goals to provide trees and shrubs with the endurance they need during the cold months. These goals include:

      • Feeding soil microbes
      • Supporting robust root systems
      • Assisting the plant with producing food for itself
      • Helping the plant take up water and nutrients more efficiently
      • Not pushing top growth (new growth will be too soft to withstand the upcoming cold weather)

Fortunately, you can fulfill these objectives and achieve excellent spring results with Foliar-Pak’s Ultimate Ornamental Package.

Ken Tomajko, owner of Tomajko Arborist Services, LLC out of Jeannette, Pennsylvania, who has grown his business to 600+ customers, knows all about achieving excellent spring results with the Ultimate Ornamental Package. He has used Foliar-Pak’s Ultimate Ornamental Package for five years on trees and shrubs.

“It was a true game changer,” Tomajko said. “I was a technician for two national arboriculture companies for over ten years, and the Ultimate Ornamental Package’s results are light years better than what they were using.”

Those “light years better” results are much greener, healthier trees and big blooms. “I always get compliments on the blooms and trees in the spring after deep root feeding with the UOP,” Tomajko said. “The trees look healthier and greener, and the blooms are just amazing, especially the hydrangea blooms. The blooms are just huge.”


Every one of Tomajko’s customers gets the Ultimate Ornamental Package via deep root feeding on their trees and ornamentals in the late fall, and he enjoys their inevitable reactions in the spring.

“Every spring, I hear customers say they have never seen their trees or ornamentals look like this, and I have to tell them it’s the product and not me,” Tomajko said. “I also know that the new customers I acquired throughout the year who agreed to the fall service will be saying a guaranteed ‘I’ve never seen my property look this good’ in the spring.”

Tomjako added, “I highly recommend the Ultimate Ornamental Package to anyone starting a business or who already has a business to contact your Advanced Turf rep and start trying it so you can see the amazing results for yourself.”

bush uop

What’s in the Ultimate Ornamental Package?

Use 1 gallon of each in 100 gallons of water and apply 1 gallon of solution per DBH.

Foliar-Pak Colonise Bio LTO: Provides a highly specific blend of live biology, carbon sources, and nutrient enhancers. Colonise Bio LTO also contains Armament, AminoPrecise, and Colonise technologies to target better rooting, nutrient uptake, plant resilience, and turf playability.

Foliar-Pak Chloroburst L: Treats the most common micronutrient deficiencies in turf and landscape sites. Chloroburst L is a premium blend of specialty chelated iron, manganese, and zinc for soil application. These nutrients remain plant-available even in soil pH levels up to 10.

Foliar-Pak 12-6-6: Bio-based fertilizer provides bio-active ingredients that improve microbial activity and nutrient availability while reducing fertilizer inputs into the environment.

If you have any questions about using the Ultimate Ornamental Package, please check out this brochure and contact your sales rep today.