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Soil Testing to Prepare for 2023

December 2, 2022 | Categories: ,
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Like a coach, a sports field manager needs a good game plan to be successful. Now’s the time that many managers are making those plans for healthy turf come spring, but what information are you using to prepare for next season? 


Soil testing is a good place to start as you think about next year. And now’s the optimum time for soil sampling. Late fall and early winter give you time to prepare your fertility plan for the upcoming season.


The results of your soil test will tell you the nutrients available to the plant so you can know how much and which nutrients to apply in the future. This precise data makes it easier to build an efficient fertility program. Not only does soil testing help ensure the application of sufficient fertilizer, but it also allows you to take advantage of the nutrients already in the soil. 


Accurate fertilizer recommendations are essential because problems can result from inadequate or excessive fertilization. Too little fertilizer leads to poor plant growth, but too much fertilizer can also reduce plant growth and quality. Not to mention that excessive applications of fertilizer can be harmful to the environment and make turfgrass more susceptible to disease.

Soil testing is one of many tools available to sports field managers as they plan their programs. Contact your ATS rep for soil testing resources to maximize your time and budget as you prepare a strong playing surface for 2023.

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