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Revitalize Your Cool-Season Golf Course Rough

September 9, 2020 | Categories: ,

When the leaves begin to turn in the fall, it can signal a great time to revitalize the cool-season rough on your golf course. Broadleaf weed control, seeding, and fertilization can provide multiple benefits for your turf. Improved rough management practices in the fall can provide recovery for turf that is in dire need of help after a stressful summer, and investing in your rough during the fall can also increase the playability and prepare the turf for spring.

Herbicide Application

A fall broadleaf weed herbicide application with products like ArmorTech Threesome can be a great first step in revitalizing your turf. Fall is an ideal time to target broadleaf weeds and will allow desired turf species to thrive.


Fall is also a great time to plant improved cool-season turf seed varieties like Advanced Turf Solutions Tuff Mix and Barenbrug Turf Saver with RTF + HGT. Integrating better performing turfgrass into your rough will provide season-long benefits with better drought tolerance, better aesthetics, better playability, and better disease resistance.


Fall fertilization is also a key component to having healthy turf in the spring. Providing turf with some readily available nitrogen in the fall will help aide in turf recovery. Fertilizer applications with 25 to 50 percent of soluble nitrogen combined with some slow-release will provide an extended feed into late fall. Fall fertilizer applications can be customized to meet the needs and expectations of the end-user. Planning is key to making sure the correct product is selected and is in your barn when the conditions are right. Soil testing can also be done in advance of the application to identify any specific nutrient deficiencies. Custom fertilizer apps can also be scheduled and applied by an Advanced Turf Solutions spreader truck to aide in the ease of application.

Taking the time and the correct steps to revitalize your rough in the fall can pay big dividends when spring rolls around. Your turf will be recovered and ready to go. Having healthy, dense turf in the spring provides better playing conditions, reduces weed infestations, and ultimately helps to beautify your golf course!

Jason Renfrow
Sales Representative