Quickly control a wide variety of turf diseases with Zoxy-PG.

Time is of the essence when it comes to combating turf diseases, and United Turf Alliance’s ArmorTech Zoxy-PG is an effective, fast-acting solution. Its combination of azoxystrobin (0.31%) and propiconazole (0.75%) delivers a resistance-combating, broad-spectrum response to 30+ turfgrass diseases.

How Does Zoxy-PG Work?

The product’s two active ingredients—azoxystrobin and propiconazole—can work well on their own, but can also work together to improve stress tolerance, provide a long residual, and combat turf diseases fast. Zoxy-PG combines these two effective compounds into a powerful, high-quality granule that utilizes root and leaf uptake for maximum efficacy.

How Long Does Zoxy-PG Last?

A powerful preventative and curative product, Zoxy-PG provides up to 28 days of control, making it compatible with flexible schedules. Be sure to rotate Zoxy-PG with products from different groups to help mitigate resistance.

Broad-Spectrum Control

ArmorTech Zoxy-PG can be used to control over 30 turf diseases, including common and/or hard-to-control diseases like anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, leaf spot, Pythium blight, Pythium root rot, summer patch, and take-all patch. See the label for more information.

Timing Your Application

As a preventative fungicide, Zoxy-PG should be applied before disease symptoms develop. The label provides more specific instructions for some diseases that require special attention.

Application Rates

Rates vary depending on the disease, ranging from two to four pounds per thousand square feet for most diseases. For more severe diseases, such as pink snow mold, a higher rate of five pounds per thousand square feet is recommended.

Application Interval

The interval between applications should be adjusted based on severity and whether conditions are favorable for disease development. Most disease treatment plans have intervals of 14 or 28 days.

Other Considerations

Use with caution on bentgrass. Consult the label and SDS for more information on application parameters.

Boasting two powerful active ingredients, a long residual, and quick action, ArmorTech Zoxy-PG fungicide is an excellent choice for lawn care operators looking to eliminate a wide variety of turfgrass diseases. If you want more information on Zoxy-PG, contact your ATS representative.