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Pond Business Is Good Business

April 5, 2018 | Categories: ,

The Perks of Adding Pond Management Services

I have always remembered the words a property manager once told me.

He was looking for help. Without a smile, he said, “When my pond is a green mess, it makes the whole property look shabby.”

His choice of wording helped his message stick in my mind, but the point was that as a focal point of the landscape, good or bad, a pond’s physical appearance has a dramatic impact on the entire surrounding property. I did then, and I still agree that a well-maintained pond significantly improves the overall aesthetic value of a landscape setting.

If you agree this is an accurate customer perception, why wouldn’t you consider offering such a property enhancement value to your customers by providing pond management services this year, next year, and on? Most ponds represent a nice piece of renewable business revenue for a service company because they are permanent fixtures in the landscape that require seasonal maintenance.




Pond Maintenance 101

Learning the basics of aquatic weed and algae growth is the starting point to planning a pond maintenance program for your business to sell and deliver.

Pond with an algae problem

These pests thrive in shallow, nutrient-rich water having full exposure to sunlight. Pond colorants that reduce sunlight penetration into the water and natural biological products that reduce nutrient levels are the residual workhorses in a maintenance program aimed at preventing excessive growth. Managing undesirable green aquatic growth as it occurs during the season requires routine curative applications using copper-based algae control products and herbicides specifically labeled for use in water.

Delivering a balanced pond program of scheduled prevention and control applications is a valuable service offering in the landscape maintenance market. People love pretty ponds and will pay to enjoy them. The clean, well-maintained ponds are the result of someone doing the work. That could be you. Your business and your customers could mutually benefit from keeping properties looking their very best with a beautiful, clean pond as the focal point of the landscape.


Contact your sales rep to get started on the tools you need to offer pond management services!

Ted Vonderwell
Sales Representative