New Engineered Infield Mix for Custom Soil Installations

February 25, 2020

Some exciting things are happening within our sports turf division, including the availability of a new engineered infield mix for installations.

Advanced Turf Solutions has been working to develop a proprietary engineered infield mix that will allow us to have more control over the raw material mining, testing, mixing, shipping and installation—ultimately providing a better, more cost-effective solution for our customers.

In addition to our proprietary mix, which will be available in select markets later this season, we have partnered with Profile Products to offer Turface Athletics and Southern Athletic Fields branded infield products. We will also continue our longstanding partnership with Pro’s Choice to offer their full line of conditioners. Now, with even more options, we can offer our customers truly customized solutions for building and maintaining athletic fields.

As an independent and employee-owned company, we are dedicated to delivering maximum value to our customers with practical know-how, premium products, and outstanding service. And, since J&D Turf joined the Advanced Turf Solutions brand, we are able to offer a full-service solution for sports field construction, consultation, and maintenance.

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