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Managing Summer Stress in Cool-Season Grasses

July 27, 2020 | Categories: ,

Cool-season grasses benefit from nitrogen fertilization during the summer. Newer lawns typically have limited nitrogen stored in the soil. As a result, these cool-season lawns typically turn yellow during the summer. A slow-release or organic nitrogen fertilizer application in summer can be very beneficial; however, quick-release fertilizers can burn the turf and promote disease when applied in mid-summer.

If the stand is yellow and slow-growing, then an application of nitrogen and not more irrigation is usually required. If you have brown patches, then you need to determine if it’s a fungus or an insect issue. Please consult your local rep for the best recommendation needed.

Here is a list of things we can control that will help lessen summer decline to turf areas.

  • Avoid the application of nitrogen fertilizers with high-burn potential like quick-release fertilizers during periods of high heat and humidity.
  • Make sure the irrigation heads are working and have even distribution.
  • Remember that spring seedlings need irrigation to survive the summer.
  • Avoid setting the mower deck too low especially when the turf is under drought stress.
  • Don’t apply herbicides when temperatures exceed 85 Fahrenheit.
  • The over-application of nitrogen fertilizers stimulates shoot growth instead of root growth.

I recommend using our 22-3-11 50% XCU with Armament in the summer months or our selection of organic Nature Safe products. Please contact your ATS sales rep to learn more about recommendations for your specific needs.

Joe Leimbach
Sales Representative