Late-season fertilization is an essential service to provide your customers with cool-season lawns.

Because the growth cycle of cool-season grass peaks at the end of the year, fertility applications during that time support the plant’s natural growth pattern. Late-season fertilization also helps lawns recover from summer and prepare for winter. It’s an opportunity to maximize plant health during moderate conditions.

Soil testing will help you determine the specific nutrient needs of specific properties, but late-season fertilization is generally nitrogen-forward.

The Purdue Extension emphasizes water-soluble nitrogen fertilizers for late-season applications. Consider incorporating a slow-release fertilizer toward the beginning of your late-season applications while the weather is still warm. Depending on the product and label, apply about 0.5 to 0.75 pounds per 1,000 square feet every three weeks. 

As always, read and follow the product label. Your ATS rep can recommend specific products to meet your needs, so contact them today for consultation.