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Infield Lip Prevention and Repair

March 7, 2022 | Categories: ,
lip on infield with water

What is an infield “lip,” and how do you manage it?

When the edge around the infield is raised, it’s called a “lip.” Infield lips are a problem for a couple of reasons. From a safety perspective, they pose a tripping hazard. As far as the game itself, lips lead to bad hops for infielders.

Several things can cause a lip around the infield. Infrequent edging and improper dragging are two common causes—another is repeatedly dragging a tarp across the field. Raking infield material into the turf or not removing infield material from the turf can also lead to a lip. 

Understanding the causes of infield lips helps prevent them. If your field has a small lip, you can get rid of it by edging more often or removing infield material from the turf with a rake or broom. In cases of more severe lips, spray the infield material out of the turf with water. As a last resort, you can use a sod cutter to remove the edge of the turf. Remove the infield material with a rake before resodding the edge. 

Once you’ve achieved a smooth edge, keep up with maintenance to prevent another infield lip!