Changing the direction of mowing and cleanup on your golf course isn’t just about appearance, although that is a valuable benefit. The practice also promotes turfgrass health. It prevents ruts on the course, alleviates stress on the outer edge, and helps with triplex burn from compaction.

The chart below provides mowing and cleanup schedules for greens, tees, and fairways. Click here to download or print the chart. 

ATS Directional Mow Chart

The circle above represents the putting green, with the back of the green at 12 o’clock. Use the 150-yard marker or tee to orient your green to the clock positions.

In the chart, C represents clockwise movement, while CC indicates counterclockwise. Direction refers to the actual mowing direction, while cleanup refers to the direction of the cleanup pass.

The chart keeps your crew on the same page while keeping your course happy throughout the week. Repeat these schedules weekly for uniform, healthy turfgrass. Reach out to your sales representative with any questions about implementing the chart with your crew.