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Fall Herbicide Applications: Get the Upper Hand on Weeds

August 27, 2019 | Categories: ,
A close up of yellow dandelions in a green lawn

As the days of summer wind down and we turn our attention to fall, it is time to consider fall herbicide applications. While it is difficult to control broadleaf weeds in the summer, the fall provides a window of opportunity to gain the upper hand.

Summer herbicide applications are likely to burn down the top growth of many broadleaf weeds, but in some cases are not effective at killing the entire plant. During the summer months, the weeds are focusing on top growth. Conversely, in the fall, the plant “switches” to focusing on storing energy in the root system. Because of this “switch,” plants become more susceptible to fall herbicide applications.

Ideally, you want to apply herbicides on sunny days when rain is not forecasted for 24 hrs. Overcast days and rainfall can reduce the effectiveness of the application. You want to allow for the herbicide to dry on the surfaces of the leaf. By applying herbicides in the fall, it will lead to reduction and possibly elimination of the broadleaf weed population next season.

If you have aeration and seeding work on the schedule, it is recommended to perform a blanket broadleaf weed control application with a three-way herbicide, such as ArmorTech Threesome, 10-14 days before seeding. Reducing the weed population reduces competition for the newly-emerging seed.

As with any pesticide application, always proper PPE and follow the label.

If you have any questions, your Advanced Turf rep can help!

Dennis Merkle
Sales Representative