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Fall Disease Cleanup

October 8, 2021 | Categories: ,
Golf Course in the Autumn

Fall cleaning on the golf course includes fungicide applications to control diseases before the end of the season. With the proper treatments, you can set yourself up for a clean slate come spring. Here are five diseases to pay attention to this fall.

Pythium Blight

Pythium blight occurs on bermudagrass greens in the fall when it’s rainy and cool. Leaving sunken, discolored spots on the course, Pythium blight is sometimes confused with leaf spot. You can treat it with Segway, which also has preventative effects.

Leaf Spot

The most common disease on bermudagrass greens, leaf spot starts as small reddish spots on the turf. The spots eventually coalesce into larger ones, which accounts for the confusion with Pythium blight. Zoxy-T and Interface Stressgard are good options for treating leaf spot in the fall. 

Microdochium Patch

More common on cool-season grasses, Microdochium patch is also sometimes confused with Pythium blight and leaf spot. This disease appears as brownish spots that thrive on short grasses like golf course greens. Both Zoxy-T and Interface Stressgard treat Microdochium patch in addition to leaf spot, making them good options if you’re dealing with one or both diseases.


Unlike the diseases mentioned above, rust is a problem on taller turf—especially Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. Depending on the species of rust, it can infect golf course roughs with its orange spores on leaf blades, crowns, or stems. Zoxy-PG is an effective and cost-effective option for treating rust.

Dollar Spot

Fall is the time to buckle down on dollar spot to prevent it from coming back in the spring, because the disease can survive the winter if not treated. Dollar spot creates a sunken patch of turf about the size of a silver dollar, which sometimes develops mycelium in the early morning. Treatment options include CLT 720, Xzemplar, and Interface Stressgard, again.

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