Why and how should lawn care companies participate in EOP?


  • Products: Current shortages make it more important than ever to secure your product needs for the coming season. Early order lets you select the brands you want from a wide range of available options. By planning ahead, you have more control over your lawn care program for the year to come.
  • Pricing: With raw material costs expected to continue rising, now’s the time to lock in current pricing on your preferred products. Early order also lets you save on the products you use in the largest amount. Lastly, EOP helps with cash flow management by allowing you to pay later for products you secure early.
  • Peace of Mind: Ultimately, lawn care companies that secure their products and pricing early have one less thing to worry about over the winter. You can’t prevent weather events, technology changes, or economic downturns, but you can take control by ordering early.


  • Look back at your programs from previous years to determine your purchasing needs. Early order incentivizes large purchases, but those only save you money if you actually need a large amount of the product. Comparing previous years is an excellent way to predict next year’s needs.
  • Pay attention to program dates so you don’t miss out on benefits. Some manufacturers offer the best incentives during their first early order period, so it could pay to act fast. We have resources to help you keep track of the varying manufacturer early order period dates.
  • Last but not least, consult your ATS representative for help building an early order plan that maximizes the benefits described above. We know that EOP is overwhelming, which is why we’re available to answer your questions. We’ll help you secure products, save money, and reduce stress through EOP this year.