As a botanical insecticide, Rockwell Labs’ EcoVia MT provides quick contact kill and residual repellency protection against mosquitoes, flies, and ticks—all without label restrictions and without posing a major risk to pollinators. It’s specifically designed for use as a spray application, and is compatible with compressed air sprayers, mist blowers, and foggers.

What is a Botanical Insecticide?

A botanical insecticide is a product that uses natural chemicals to control and/or repel certain insects. EcoVia MT contains a handful of select botanical oils—soybean oil, clove oil, citronella oil, 2-phenylethyl propionate, and lemongrass—each of which was specifically chosen because of its insect-fighting abilities. These unique ingredients all use different modes of action to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks that have built up a tolerance to synthetic pesticides, making them an extremely powerful resistance management solution when combined with pyrethroid products.

Benefits of EcoVia MT Mosquito and Tick Control

There are a few key characteristics that set EcoVia MT apart.

Safe Around Water

EcoVia products don’t accumulate in groundwater, so there are no water setback restrictions. LCOs can spray right up to the water’s edge. EcoVia MT can be fogged over water, too, letting applicators go straight to the source when eliminating mosquitoes.

EPA Exempt

As a FIFRA minimum risk 25(b) pesticide, EcoVia MT is likely exempt from use notifications (be sure to check your state’s requirements, though). Applicators save time when they can inspect and treat in the same visit.

Protects Beneficial Insects

EcoVia MT doesn’t bioaccumulate, meaning it poses minimal risk to pollinators. Once the product’s vapor phase occurs, it repels pollinators, keeping them from visiting treated plants while the treatment is active.

Quick Control and Repellency

While EcoVia MT keeps pollinators safe, it gets aggressive with mosquitoes, ticks, and flies. The entire EcoVia line is real-world tested to ensure that target insects are killed fast and that the others stay away.

Using EcoVia MT

When used as a standalone product, EcoVia MT provides a short-term residual of up to 30 days. While its residual may be shorter than other products, explaining to customers that EcoVia MT eliminates ticks and mosquitoes while protecting bees and other pollinators can set it apart.

Lawn care operators can leverage the benefits of EcoVia MT by mixing it with synthetic pyrethroid insecticides to help fight resistance, too. It mixes easily and stays in the solution, just like regular synthetic insecticides. When using EcoVia MT in a tank mix, add around half of the required water to the tank before adding the product. After agitating the product and half of the water, add the remaining water. EcoVia MT only needs light agitation once it has been diluted.

Application Instructions for EcoVia MT

EcoVia MT is labeled for outdoor use, including on shrubbery, trees, grassy areas, ground cover, and other heavy vegetation/damp shaded areas. See EcoVia MT’s label for additional application info.

Mosquitoes: Dilute EcoVia MT at 0.33-0.66 fluid ounces per gallon in enough water to cover one thousand square feet and apply until the area is thoroughly wet. Then, apply every 30 days or as needed.

Ticks: Dilute EcoVia MT at 0.33 to 0.66 fluid ounces per gallon in enough water to cover one thousand square feet. Use up to one fluid ounce for Lone Star and larger ticks. Apply until the area is thoroughly wet, then apply every 30 days or as needed.

Flies: Dilute EcoVia MT at 0.33-1.0 fluid ounces per gallon in enough water to cover one thousand square feet and apply until the area is thoroughly wet.

Establish Control With EcoVia MT

EcoVia MT helps applicators tackle some of the toughest insects, eliminating and repelling them, all while keeping pollinators safe. For tailored information about botanical insecticides and EcoVia MT, reach out to your ATS representative. If you’re new to ATS, use our rep finder tool to find one in seconds.