It’s hard to think about next season when it’s below freezing, but shopping for the accessories you’ll need in the spring now is a good idea. We’ve seen that folks will often get the fertilizers and pesticides they need, but sometimes forget to grab other things that are just as important like bases, tools, and windscreens to name a few.

We’ve compiled a list of accessories that would be good to think about checking on for the coming spring. You may already have most of them, but if you need to replace anything, it’s best to take an inventory now and get them before you need them. It’s never fun to be in a pinch and have to scramble to purchase something you need at the start of the season.

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Mounds, Bases, Plates, and More

The Hollywood MLB Jack Corbett Base Set, proudly made by Schutt Sports, remains the official base of Major League Baseball and is used on every MLB field. 

  • Extended, tapered lip virtually eliminates edge turn up. 
  • Engineered to better withstand bad weather and also includes special ultraviolet inhibitors. 
  • Added tensile strength to prevent most cuts and tears. 
  • Comes with 6″ stanchion.

The Hollywood Bury All Home Plate has maximum strength, all rubber construction with no spikes needed for installation. 

  • Non–skid rubber surface. 
  • Ideal for permanent installation.

Schutt’s official four–sided Hollywood-style professional pitching rubber, constructed of rubber and internal PVC tube.

Tarps and Coverings

Mound, Plate, and Infield Tarps prevent rain events from saturating clay. 

  • Allows for existing clay moisture to be retained.
  • 14 or 18 oz. vinyl options
  • 14 different colors and custom sizes available. 
  • Standard sizes and colors available.

Turf Covers retain natural heat and moisture that speed up seed germination and promote deep root development.

  • In colder climates, turf greens up earlier in the spring. 
  • Field tarps are also great for doing quick turf repairs, and because of their light weight, even large covers are easily handled.

Winter Grow Blankets protect turf from frost and encourage green-up when spring rolls around.

  • 3 oz. 100% woven polypropylene material with 6–ply double–stitched, hemmed, and grommeted border.
  • Brass grommets are placed every 60″ on the center for staking down.
  • Translucent color allows 90% of light to pass through.
  • Stakes and sandbags are available.

Netting and Safety

Fence Caps add safety and enhancement to any field. 

  • UV-treated polyethylene to last for years. 
  • Available in yellow, forest green, and black. 
  • Available in 2 roll lengths: 100′ or 250′. 
  • Each roll has 4.5″ diameter. 
  • Limited 2–year warranty.

Windscreens need to be tough, and our high–quality windscreens are made with a super durable mesh fabric of tightly woven microfibers and finished with double–needle lock stitching. 

  • It is virtually tear–proof.
  • Available in 20 colors and with custom multi–color imprinting. 
  • Grommets installed every 12 inches. 
  • 78% shading. 

Backstop Netting systems provide a quality, heavy–duty product that can withstand rugged play and unpredictable weather.


Double Play Rake: Dual-purpose rake with 66″ blue aluminum handle.

Field Rake: 36″ field/ aggregate rake with 66″ blue aluminum powder-coated handle. Turn over for an extra–long smoothing edge.

Field Hose: 100′ x 1″ Dia. High-pressure watering hose. Standard wall, crystal clear PVS compound. Designed for easy access to water infield skinned area.

Non–Absorbent Roller Squeegee: 60″ ergonomic blue powder-coated aluminum handle and heavy-duty aluminum frame. Excellent for pushing water through grass and smooth hard surfaces. Widely used on professional sports fields.

General Purpose Broom: 24″ general purpose broom with 60″ yellow fiberglass handle and cushion grip.

Monster Drag Broom: 84″ monster warehouse drag broom with 3 bristle rows. Bristles are replaceable.

Stiff Drag: Heavy duty, non–flexible drag used for standard infield maintenance. Can be pulled by hand or with a machine. Wood board bottom, standard size is 6′ wide by 18″ depth. 

Hand Tamper: Level and pack with ease with our 8″x 8″ tap with a cast iron head and 44″ hardwood handle.

Marking Machines

Linemark International’s iGo Deluxe Marking Machine delivers 4-5 hours of constant spraying in a lightweight and easy to push configuration.

  • Charge battery after each use – the battery turns automatically off when fully charged. 
  • For easy cleaning and maintenance, it comes with two filters.
  • Probe filter has non-return valve. 
  • Carries 2 x 10 liter (2.64 gallons) canisters. 
  • Comes with a variety of nozzles, a screen, a quick release and a sample of Flush Thru. 
  • Comes with two buckets to carry water.

Linemark International’s iGO Midi may be tiny, but it’s packed with innovative features and is highly functional.

  • A twin probe, paint circulatory system for internal paint dispersion.
  • Compact, light, easily portable, and highly maneuverable.
  • Five hours of constant spray thanks to 20 amp power unit.

Need tines, L-Screens, or anything you didn’t see linked? Reach out to your rep and they’ll get you sorted!