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Controlling Silvery Thread Moss

May 13, 2019 | Categories: ,
silver thread moss in the grass

Silvery thread moss gives the impression of being the new “dollar spot” nuisance for putting greens. Once contracted, it’s nearly impossible to rid. With this stated, I hope to bring new light for control.

So how did moss become a pest staple? First off, when it rains it pours, and raining periods tend to last several days instead of a day. In addition, increased cloud cover equals less plant available radiation for the bentgrass/Poa. Green heights are lower, and nitrogen inputs are fewer. Lastly, the spreading of spores and/or asexual fragmentation are due to repeated mowing and rolling.

So besides the obvious solutions like cutting off the water, fixing the drainage, and hacking down a few trees, I present a few ideas for control. One of the newer strategies is to use extremely high rates of soluble iron, but I would not advocate that due to the temporary damage to the bentgrass/Poa annua. The trend of using control techniques at certain times of the year tend to work more effectively.


Quicksilver® @ 6.7oz Per Acre + TurfScreen™️ @ 130oz Per Acre + ArmorTech® CLT 720 @ 220oz Per Acre
4 Applications @ 14 day Intervals


Junction® @ 5oz Per M in 2 gallon of H2O. Yellowing of Poa annua has been seen so you might want to test on the nursery green first if Poa is present.
5 Applications @ 7-14 Intervals

For more ideas, Penn State University has a superb article you can read here. Please be sure to consult with your ATS sales rep for prevention and treatment options for all the turf diseases that can plague your greens!

Craig Shepherd
Sales Representative