Bluemuda for Turfgrass Management in the Transition Zone

On this episode of the Around the Turf Scene Podcast, Dr. Gregg Munshaw and Brian Winka join Rusty to discuss bluemuda, a growing concept they’ve developed over the past several years. The idea is to grow bluegrass and bermudagrass together in the transition zone to maximize performance year round. It’s a trend that first started on athletic fields but has since expanded to golf courses and even residential lawns. Tune in to learn about fertility requirements, mowing recommendations, geographic limitations, and the future of this growing trend.

About Our Guest:

Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. is Director of Agronomy for Mountain View Seeds, and he serves as the Turfgrass Extension Specialist and is an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Munshaw has 26 years of direct turf experience, working on everything from golf courses and athletic fields to developing turfgrass best management practices as a professor at Mississippi State University and the University of Kentucky. His research has focused on variety testing and developing a two-species concept for the transition zone, commonly known as bluemuda.

Brian Winka is a Certified Sports Field Manager, Director of Sports Turf Sales for Advanced Turf Solutions, and Bluemuda pioneer. Brian formerly managed a 200-acre athletic complex in Missouri, and now he helps others improve their facilities and provide the highest quality athletic fields. Fields under his management have been awarded 8 separate national awards for outstanding athletic fields and became one of the first 20 facilities in the world to be Environmentally Certified through STMA. Brian has served as President of the Gateway Chapter of the Sports Turf Managers Association and The Missouri Green Industry Conference.

About Our Host:

Rusty Stachlewitz is a Seed Product Manager at Advanced Turf Solutions. Rusty received his Bachelor of Science in Crop and Soil Science from Michigan State University with an emphasis in Turfgrass Management. He has been a Golf Course Superintendent and General Manager in the industry. He’s also been the turfgrass department head of two colleges and the Program Director of The Lawn Institute.

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